Artist Statement


It's apparent that I love details and close-ups in life. That's what I notice most of the time. The collages and photography that I've created over the years are proof of this. I photograph unique details found in urban landscapes. The images I discover are found on the sidewalks that we walk on daily and that otherwise go unnoticed. The images I draw or photograph are abstract interpretations of the micro-reality that surrounds us all.

It was in November 2003 when I walked on a sidewalk in my hometown Hollywood, California and took my first abstract picture of a curb detail. Soon after that I found myself consumed by the desire to find more and more of these curious sidewalk appearances. From the very begging, I decided not to use Photoshop effects and artificial lighting in my sidewalk close-up photography. In many cases I had to return to the same spot over and over again to take the same photograph, at different times of the day, because I strived to get the best possible natural light for my photographs.

My creative process is quite persistent. When I first notice an unusual detail, I take a photograph of it. I then open the image on my computer screen and decide if it should stay as a photograph or become a paper collage. Physically playing with pieces of paper, my x-acto knife and ink, further helps me to decide whether my detail will stay as a photograph or be my inspiration for a collage.

The original photo-conception of the 5 photo series seen on this website were officially copyrighted in 2005 at the Copyright Department at the National Library of US Congress.

Special thanks goes to Edward Mullen for the design of this site and to Bilyana Dimitrova for the careful editing of my photographs.